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EUDR GPT - Your AI-Driven Compliance Assistant

January 25, 2024

Written by

Marco Eberle

The new EU Deforestation Regulation poses new challenges to businesses, requiring them to perform in-depth due diligence in their supply chains. Staying compliant with the EU Deforestation Regulation doesn’t have to be a hurdle. EUDR GPT is here to demystify the regulation and make compliance more accessible for organizations of any size. With Nadar's EUDR GPT, you receive comprehensive advisory support designed to help you navigate the EU Deforestation Regulation.

How Does It Work?

EUDR GPT is a specialized AI support dedicated to providing factual information about the EUDR. It was trained on the regulatory text and numerous documentation. Visit Nadar's EUDR GPT service at EUDR GPT. Type in your question or concern, and our AI will analyze it against the regulation text and FAQs to provide you with an informed and precise response.

How Can EUDR GPT Support You?

  • Simplifying EUDR: EUDR GPT breaks down the regulation text into its elements, helping you understand how it affects your supply chain and key commodities.
  • Product Compliance Check: Unsure if your imported product falls under the regulation? EUDR GPT can guide you through the compliance aspects relevant to your product
  • Tailored Answers: Do you have a specific due diligence question? EUDR GPT provides precise, informed answers, eliminating the need for extensive searching.
  • Time-Efficiency: There is no need to read through endless documents. With just a few keystrokes, you can access the full information.

Check out Nadar's EUDR GPT here. (An OpenAI ChatGPT Plus subscription is needed to use EUDR GPT)

Let’s navigate the complexities of the EUDR together!

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Marco is an experienced computer scientist and software engineer with a degree in Computer Science. He has worked in IT Security and Full Stack Development for over 7 years. Marco worked as a full-stack software developer at the Siemens CERT Computer emergency response team and has previously helped build an IT Security startup.


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