Monitor forests from space.

One platform for all your forest analytics.

We offer an all-in-one platform to assess forest projects efficiently and transparently signal high quality to the public.
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A new era of intelligent forest protection

100% driven by geospatial data

Source projects more efficiently

Signal project quality transparently towards customers

We provide forest monitoring solutions you can trust.

satellite image forest protection

Assess forest carbon projects more efficiently and accurately.

  • Use our platform to get an overview over the forest’s deforestation rate, carbon storage, biodiversity in the area, and much more.
  • With our transparency tool you can communicate thequality of your forest carbon projects transparentlytowards your customers.
satellite image with satellite data

Reduce risks along your supplychain in no-time.

  • Deforestation monitoring along your supply chain
  • Communicate transparently that your supply chains aredeforestation-free

We provide geospatial monitoring solutions adapted to your needs

Near-real time

Receive insights in near-real time through our automated platform.


Benefit from our scalable platform that helps you assess data on any forest in the world all within in our platform


Access in-depth insights from ouranalyses based on multiple satelliteand geospatial data sources.


We provide carefully andindependently validated insightsyou can trust.
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