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MRV for accurate and affordable carbon measurement.

Nadar's satellite-powered digital MRV enables project developers and land owners to measure and monitor carbon sequestration on their land accurately and affordably.

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The Problem

Traditional carbon
measurement is slow, costly
and error-prone.

Conventional measurement of carbon sequestration is antiquated and often relies on manual processes that can be very time-consuming, cost-intensive, and prone to error.

Digital monitoring, reporting and verification (DMRV) of carbon offset projects is needed to automate carbon crediting and drive efficiency and scalability of carbon markets.

Our Solution

Enabling carbon
monitoring at scale.


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Accurate baseline assessment.

Our proprietary technology allows you to accurately measure the carbon and deforestation baseline of your carbon project. Applying multiple satellite data sources, AI and allometric models we can accurately monitor carbon sequestration.


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Adapted to different ecosystems.

Our carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification solution is adapted to REDD+ and ARR projects in tropical, temperate and mangrove forests in Latin America, Central Africa, and Europe under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) by Verra.


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Reduced time and costs.

Automate your carbon measurement - reduce time and costs with the help of our satellite-powered technology.  Minimise the need for manual data collection in the field, and easily monitor the carbon storage in your project area over time.

Our Technology

Advanced satellite analytics and AI-powered remote sensing


Advanced satellite analytics.

We fuse multiple types of satellite data to derive information on vegetation cover, tree height and aboveground biomass.


Global monitoring at a high spatial detail.


Rapid geospatial insights.


Adapted to forests worldwide.


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Optical multispectral satellite data enables us to monitor changes in forest cover and vegetation health over time.
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Synthetic Aperture Radar

With the help of SAR satellite data we are able to detect changes in vegetation structure and tree height independent of cloud cover.
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LiDAR satellite data offers information on 3D structures of vegetation such as tree height to model the aboveground biomass content.
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Aboveground Biomass




Protected Areas

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Digital Monitoring Reporting and Verification DMRV for nature-based climate offset projects

Our Product Features

Carbon FAQ

What data sources do you incorporate into your models?


Do you have a minimum project size that is required for your assessment?


Is your carbon measurement technology compatible with carbon methodologies such as the Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)?


Do you profit from the sale of carbon credits?


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