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Deforestation-Free Sourcing
and EUDR Compliance

Nadar's satellite-powered software enables businesses to ensure traceability and track deforestation in their global supply chain to comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation and ensure deforestation-free sourcing.

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The Problem

EU consumption accounts
for 10% of global deforestation

EUDR at a glance

The EU Deforestation Regulation 2023/1115 mandates companies importing certain commodities into the EU to provide evidence that they are free of deforestation.


Seven commodities are affected by the regulation: cattle, cacao, coffee, oil palm, rubber, soy, and timber as well as derived products such as chocolate, leather or furniture.


Due Dilligence

Operators and traders need to prove that the commodites have been produced on land that has not been subject to deforestation or degradation after 31 December 2020.



Companies need to trace the products they are selling back to the plot of land where they were sourced and collect the geographic coordinates of the plots.



The regulation entered into force on 29 June 2023 and will enter into obligation for large companies on 30 December 2024. For SMEs, the regulation will enter into obligation on 30 June 2025.


Penalties for non-compliance may include fines of over 4% of the turnover within the EU, temporary exclusion from public procurement/access to public funding, and confiscation of goods.

Our Solution

Protect our forests.
And your reputation.

Nadar's satellite-powered deforestation monitoring offers you a full overview of your global supply chain and helps you identify deforestation risks early on to comply with the new EU Deforestation Regulation.

Nadar EUDR Deforestation Supplier Overview Table

Traceability & Farmer Onboarding

Easily integrate your existing supplier and farm data into our platform. We support you in data cleaning and extraction. Access all your supplier data and their deforestation risk status in your customized dashboard.

Deforestation Monitoring

Receive access to reliable deforestation monitoring and ensure that each of your farms comply with the EUDR.

Risk Assessment & Reporting

Export your customized due diligence report including geocooridnates, deforestation status and risk assessments for submission to authorities.
Our Technology

Advanced satellite analytics and AI-powered remote sensing


Advanced satellite analytics.

We fuse multiple types of satellite data to derive information on vegetation cover, land cover changes and deforestation events.


High spatial detail.


Frequent updates.


satellite image optical multispectral sentinel 2 esa
Optical multispectral satellite data enables us to monitor changes in forest cover and vegetation health over time.
satellite image radar synthetic aperture sar sentinel 1 esa

Synthetic Aperture Radar

With the help of SAR satellite data we are able to detect changes in vegetation structure and tree height independent of cloud cover.
satellite image lidar gedi nasa


LiDAR satellite data offers information on 3D structures of vegetation such as tree height to model the aboveground biomass content.
satellite image sentinel high resolution

Usual Resolution

satellite image landsat low resolution

Nadar's Resolution

deforestation change satellite data gif
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What is the spatial resolution of your solution?


How often do you monitor deforestation?


Does your solution classify different forest management types?


Does your technology detect deforestation and degradation?


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